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In other words, the Christian life is becoming in experience who you already are as God sees you. This divine order is clearly seen in the books of Ephesians, Colossians and Romans among others. As a study of your own, read the book of Ephesians and write down all that God has done for you and that which you are called to do yourself. You should see a sharp distinction between the first three chapters and the last three with the connection between the two at Commenting on Ephesians, Watchman Nee says:.

So we want to build on that which is DONE and, through faith, be enabled to rest in the finished work of Christ meaning what Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection and our position in Him. Before looking at that which God has done for the believer in Christ, here is a summary of the five points Chafer raises 2 :. Our position in Christ is a result of our new life in Christ from which precious experiences may grow.

For example, justification — meaning all of our past sins being covered — leads to joy and peace. The Christian position is as perfect and complete the instant it is possessed as it ever will be in the ages to come. This position has nothing to do with what we have accomplished or earned.

It is based solely on the merit of the Christ. This position does not ever change. Our awareness and feelings about our position may vary day to day, but the abiding fact that we are a new creation in Christ remains.

Our position can only be known through God revealing it to us. Its reality can be grasped only by believing the Word of God. These eternal riches of grace are for anyone who will believe. Now, we will explore the riches of God. But before you start racing through the list, think! Yes, think about His riches. Meditate on them and what they mean for you. But I believe that these are truths that God wants to firmly establish within our hearts, for they glorify His character and show the extent of His work on the Cross for us.

Every new spiritual experience begins with acceptance by faith of what God has done. As you read each point, remember what you have just read: These truths are eternal and are as true of you today as they ever will be. God has hidden these truths from the proud and self-confident.

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But for those who truly see their need of God, the gifts of grace become their greatest delight! The following things are true of everyone who has placed his or her faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. The Bible verses are taken from the English Standard Version. Before the world had even been created, God knew and chose those who would be His children through faith, and in the course of time, He called them to Himself.

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Do we fully understand it? No way! Not until He explains it all in heaven. Do we still believe it? Believers are:. The Bible says the blood of Christ brings us near to God. They are interchangeable ideas. Can someone who is born become unborn? Can a son or daughter in a family somehow cease being a son or daughter? If you have been born into a family then you may change your name, but you cannot change your DNA.

You are forever a son or daughter of your father. The same applies to our spiritual birth! The believer is a son or daughter of God. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Do you have to be perfect to go to heaven? Most say no because no one is perfect. Yet could a perfectly holy God allow anything less than perfection into His presence? So therefore, yes, you do have to be perfect. But how could this ever be achieved by an imperfect, sinful creation? In Christ, righteousness and perfection are a gift! His declaration is that believers are forever justified — a position that means we are declared righteous. He completely covers our past. When Jesus died and rose again, so did we spiritually, and never again will God see a believer as anything other than a new creation in Christ Jesus.

We are forever united and joined to Christ, and His history is our history! In a parable about the kingdom of God, Jesus likened Himself to a man who found a treasure in a field Matthew And because of His immense joy, He sold all that He had so that He could purchase that field. The treasure in the field stands for those in the world who believe in His name. For them, He was willing to give up all that He had His life , and for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross Hebrews There is no true Christian alive who has not been given the Holy Spirit.

Think of it — when we were sinners and enemies of God, He fully justified us from every charge because of our faith in His precious Son, Jesus. How much more now, as His treasured possession, will believers find themselves the objects of His care! Last, but most importantly of all, He has given us citizenship in heaven — where we will be fellow heirs with the King of kings! We live as strangers and exiles on this earth, far from our true home to come.

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We are ambassadors of God in a country not our own. But our heavenly home is assured, and our inheritance is waiting, kept safe by God himself! One last thought: From the simplicity of a flower to the complexity of space, the more humankind explores the work of God, the more we stand in awe of His perfection. With such a creative and all-powerful God, do you think He would complete anything less than perfection in the important work of our salvation?

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