Manual Out of My Mind: Living with Manic-depression

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Dealing with bipolar disorder in the family isn't easy. They can't just snap out of a depression or get a hold of themselves during a manic episode. . Stress takes a toll on the body and mind, so find ways to keep it in check.
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It is scary.

I wish you all the very best and hope we all find the right treatment plans that work for those we love. The one thing they have going for them though is US and our undying love and assistance. Without it, they will end up homeless, in jail or dead. Whoever is monitoring this has my permission to give you my email if you need to do that.

My son is 19 and was just diagnosed as well. It would be great to connect via email. I am trying to figure out what to do next. He refuses to go on any meds because of the negative side effects that he had while he was in rehabs with them and he continues to self medicate and drowned out his pain and Sorrow by doing drugs which has made him become an addict.

Recently he was gone for a long time and when he showed up at our doorstep he was a stick and looked so sickly and I could tell that he was coming off of some major drugs. He has used threatening suicide in the past ito get what he wants , but kept threatening severely to kill himself and to hurt us at the same time.

When I called police to have him taken to a hospital because he threatened suicide severely and had cuts and sores all over him and he was mentally and physically not well at all, ….

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There is something very wrong with a law that will allow someone that is going to commit suicide and is obviously not mentally well, to say that they are okay and have someone just drop them off at the street, instead of taking them to a hospital. Our son cannot live here because he literally just destroys everything and he steals and he threatens and he turns everything physical into an episode of Hoarders.. There needs to be a very strong move among family members that have loved ones like this, to change laws that will advocate more for them and to have something to help them live in a safe situation if they cannot mentally care for themselves, as far as being able to remember daily medications , keep a job Etc.

Once they turn 18 and you cannot advocate ,or ask for things as you could before…. It does not cost that much to feed someone or do what they did there per mth. This is one of those conditions where you literally have to live with it in your life to understand. My son is 17 and we are going through the exact same situation.

I would love to connect with people who have been through this for advice.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. I am crying as I type this. Our beautiful daughter just turned 19 and was dx Bipolar 2 after a suicide attempt. She had developed a social anxiety disorder around 15 and now this. I just went through an episode with her tonight because I denied her request to allow her to buy a fish and loan her the money for a 30 gallon tank. She is more than aware that we will not allow her to EVER, EVER bring another pet into our home due to her horrible hx of not taking any responsibility for all the ones she previously talked Ys into.

Now I am the source of all of her problems, she refused to come home, she blocked me on her phone and is being very disrespectful, etc. I took her car keys and phone due to her continuing to break our clear rules of her not being allowed to speak to me with such contempt, rudeness, disrespect and telling me to shut up! One minute I am strong and know it is her illness talking and the next I am shocked, angry and hurt. This is so hard! Knowing I am not alone really helps! Thanks to you ALL for sharing!

Understanding the Spectrum of Bipolar Disorder

I feel close to you all now. My tears are for us all! I am so sorry you are hurting the way I am. Our one true hope is in our lord Jesus Christ! I pray for us to have the strength, wisdom and knowledge needed to support our children and one another during these trials. I pray for peace for us all and protection over all of our children.

Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder

My son is 30 years old. He is single and presently living at home with me. He recently was diagnosed and treated with meds for depression and bipolar disorder. He wants so badly to find answers, get proper and effective treatment, and be able to lead a peaceful and productive life. However, he feels his life is worthless, that things will never change for the better, and that his condition is not helped or taken very seriously by healthcare professionals.

I am so afraid for him. I see the pain, the sadness, the lack of self-esteem, and dwindling hope of ever living the life that most people enjoy naturally. He is very intelligent and constantly searching for how to cope. It is sad also knowing there are so many of YOU struggling with it as parents.

I pray for my son, for the proper help to come. God Bless you all. Donna, Make sure the psychiatrist that he is seeing is well versed in bipolar needs and has him on the proper medication. My son had just started Latuda and it was seeming to help bipolar depression and sleep issues. You can ask about it if hes not on it.

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  6. The one thing that your son has going for him, that is great, is that he seems to be compliant. He has a desire right now to want to have things change and that is key to him moving forward With medication and counseling helps, that can change things for him greatly. Try and see if he can get involved in some kind of volunteer work because in helping others, it will help him have his mind shifted into something that is positive and not situated only on his own challenges.

    Thank you, my son is 16 and had been suffering his entire live. I was the only one that could see it until now. He is in a IOP but he is resisting all treatment. We have been in the hospital 3 times. I am so sad for him, he is very self distructful, it is painful to watch. I have a 26 year son who knows he needs help but refuses. I am his mother and I, like all of the parents here, love my child and worry constantly.

    He has very intense mood swings that easily become frightening. We want to help so much before something bad happens.

    Living With Bipolar Disorder: Information and Facts

    Someone above said regulated sleep and nutrition and stress management and counseling and psych visits and strong family support are all extremely important, totally agree. It will get better focus on little gains. Most of us have been or are going through what you are.

    There is Bipolar 1 and Bipolar II. My adopted sister has one type and my adopted son has the more severe. She was diagnosed at 15 , but has been on medication and eats well and does not have the intensity, or length in her manic times, Depression seems to not be an issue for her either. On the other hand, our adopted son, who is now 18, was diagnosed ADHD when he was young, but I started seeing signs of things that seemed much more severe. I went for years of getting frustrated in IEP meetings with teachers and in talking to doctors about the fact that I felt like he might be Bipolar, but nobody would listen.

    A JV officer said that he either was going to be put in jail or in a medically watched over resident type situation, which we frankly had been trying to get him in for 3 years. Finally during this time he was diagnosed as PTSD and bipolar and was on medication. After a year there, he came home this January on a trial basis till this May, to see how he would do things were pretty much OK until he turned It has been heartbreaking…. I also would comment to the moms and dads to make sure that they are seeking help if THEY need it.

    I wholeheartedly agree about structure and diet exedra.

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    Many times just talking it out with other family, or individuals that are dealing with the same scenario can help lighten some of the emotional load. Hugs to all and keep hope. I too thought some of the drinking and smoking pot was your typical college stuff and due to him not having many friends or a girlfriend in high school never really has to set boundaries.

    I am lucky that he noticed on his own that things were not right with him. He had panic attacks, was very angry, hard time at work and dealt with anxiety and depression. He had to come out of school cause he had no motivation to go to class or anything for that matter. He will be going into a treatment facility in 4 days and actually excited about it. I did my research on the facilities to ensure that what their main concentration was is mental health specifically bi polar.

    I greatly appreciate the article and the comments. But how did you or your loved ones finally recognize their condition and decide to deal with it? We are parents to a bipolar son who just turned 28, and is in complete and utter denial of his diagnosis. His illness killed his marriage, multiple very good jobs, and really any sense of who our son is. We are very close, but he lives in another state with a co-dependent enabling roommate.